Bethel University one of top 25 colleges offering free laptops

MCKENZIE, TN – Higher education in the 21st century depends on technology, and free laptops for college students is one way for colleges to make technology accessible. Bethel University was among the first colleges in the nation to provide students in select programs with a laptop at no cost, and it continues to be a popular offering with undergraduates in the College of Arts and Sciences and College of Professional Studies. This week, Bethel University was recognized by for its ongoing laptop initiative.

In compiling their list of the top 25 colleges offering free technology, College Concensus looked for schools which offer free laptops for students not just as an incentive to attract new enrollees, “but as a real pedagogical tool that is deeply embedded in learning.”

With the rising cost of education, paying out of pocket for an updated computer presents a financial challenge for many students. On their website, noted that “When schools provide the needed technology, they level the playing field so that no student is left behind simply because he or she is without the financial means to keep up. College Consensus thinks it is both innovative and admirable for schools to provide access to the technology needed to excel in higher education today.”

Bethel University President Walter Butler said that inclusion in the list tells prospective students that “Bethel is a school that values innovation and is dedicated to creating an ideal learning environment. Providing CPS and CAS undergraduates with the technology they need is just one more example of Bethel University’s ongoing focus on student success.”

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