A great way to get your foot in the door of a stellar company and gain experience for your resume is by attaining an internship. There are several benefits to gaining internship opportunities:

  1. You get to “test drive” a career and see if it is a good match for your skills and professional needs.
  2. Gain new skills.
  3. You will be able to do more networking and gain contacts.
  4. Create working relationships with mentors in the field.
  5. Learn about the companies culture and policies.
  6. Gain “real world” exposure to the career you’ve chosen.

Explore the sites below and learn more about finding your internship opportunity today!

  • LinkedIn not only allows you to illustrate your professional experience and connect with people, you can also search for internships!
  • Glassdoor partners with companies, job boards, and directly with employers to create is internship search results.
  • Google is always a great resource to find just about anything. Using quotations around your keyword searches can pin-point exact phrases. For example, searching for a web developer internship in Nashville, TN could be searched by typing: “web developer” internship Nashville, TN
  • Career Services Job Listings page also lists internships as they become available, you can filter the job results by making sure the “internship” field is checked during your search.
  • Internships.com is a site that consists of 100,000 internships listings from 60,000 employers.
  • Looksharp has listings from 30,000 employers and is geared toward internships and entry level employment opportunities.
  • Youtern allows you to interact with mentors which refer their candidates to internships.
  • Idealist specializes in in both internships and job searches in the non-profit sector.
  • Global Experiences has a totally different approach to internships. Instead of getting paid for an internship, the candidates pay. The benefit of utilizing this site is that you gain genuine work experience in foreign cities. Candidates can choose their internship assignments from 8 cities: London, Paris, Dublin, Barcelona, Florence, Milan, Shanghai, and Sydney.
  • Cool Works doesn’t offer internships but they do offer seasonal employment opportunities is in great places! If you are looking to gain experience and beef up your resume be sure to visit this site.