Veteran’s Reconnect Equivalency Tables

Recommended Course Area
(recommended credit is verified via ACE upon evaluation)
Bethel  University
Elective only – E
Common Core – C
Major- M
Not Transferrable – N
ACFT Load Veh OperationELE LDE
Aerospace Veh FirefightingELE LDE
Air ConditioningELE LDE
Air Passenger Proc/SvcsELE LDE
Applied MathematicsELE LDE
Auto Servicing LaboratoryELE LDE
Automatic Transmission Troubleshooting and RepairELE LDE
Automotive MaintenanceELE LDE
Basic Automotive Electrical SystemsELE LDE
Basic Dental SciencesELE LDE
Basic Dental Sciences IIELE LDE
Basic Electrical SystemsELE LDE
Basic Hydraulic SystemsELE LDE
Basic InfantrymanELE LDE
Basic MarksmanshipELE LDE
Basic Mechanical SystemsELE LDE
Biological and Chemical Survival ProceduresELE LDE
Business and Professional CommunicationCOM LD3E/ C (COMM)
Chairside AssistingELE LDE
Clinical NursingSCI LD3E
Clinical ProceduresSCI LD3E
Clinical TrainingSCI LD3E
CommunicationsCOM LD3E/ C (COMM)
Communications Systems  COM LD3E/ C (COMM)
Communications Systems OperationsCOM LD3E/ C (COMM)
Communications Systems Troubleshooting and MaintenanceELE LDE
Computer FamiliarizationELE LDE
Computer OperationCIS LD3E/ C (CIS)
Computer Software ApplicationsCIS 2550C (CIS)
Computers and CommunicationsELE LDE
CraftsmanELE LDE
Criminal JusticeELE LDE
Dental Clinic PerfELE LDE
Dental Hygiene IELE LDE
Dental Hygiene IIELE LDE
Dental RadiographyELE LDE
Dental RadiologyELE LDE
Diesel And Gas Engine RepairELE LDE
Drive TrainELE LDE
Electromechanical MaintenanceELE LDE
EmergenciesELE LDE
Emergency Medical TechniquesELE LDE
Explosives and Hazardous Materials Handling and SafeguardsELE LDE
Fire Aid/Self HelpELE LDE
Firefighting Vehicle Opr/SysELE LDE
First AidHEA 312E
First Aid and CPRELE LDE
First Aid and SafetyELE LDE
Food Service Sanitation and SafetyELE LDE
General PlumbingELE LDE
Health and HygieneELE LDE
Health Care Facilities ManagementELE LDE
Human RelationsELE LDE
Hydraulic Brake SystemELE LDE
Industrial MaintenanceELE LDE
Introduction to CommunicationsCOM 1000E / C
Introduction to CriminalisticsELE LDE
Introduction to Food and NutritionELE LDE
Introduction to ManagementBUS 1100E
Inventory ControlELE LDE
JourneymanELE LDE
Land NavigationELE LDE
Land Navigation (Recreation)ELE LDE
Law EnforcementELE LDE
Law Enforcement TechnologyELE LDE
Law Enforcment OperationsELE LDE
LeadershipELE LDE
Local Area NetworksELE LDE
Map InterpretationELE LDE
Map ReadingELE LDE
MarksmanshipELE LDE
Mechanical SystemsELE LDE
Medical TerminologyBIO 315E/C
Military ScienceELE LDE
Nuclear ELE LDE
Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical AttacksELE LDE
Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Principles/Homeland SecurityELE LDE
Nursing TechniquesSCI LD3E
Office MachinesELE LDE
Office ProceduresELE LDE
Operation Risk ManagementELE LDE
Oral Communication SkillsSAT 111E
Outdoor Skills PracticumELE LDE
Passenger ManagementELE LDE
Patrol OperationsELE LDE
Personal FinanceBUS 120E
Personal Fitness/ConditioningHEA 2020E/Sci
Personal Health/HygieneELE LDE
Personal Physical ConditioningELE LDE
Personal/Community HealthELE LDE
Personnel ManagementELE LDE
Personnel SupervisionELE LDE
Physical AssessmentELE LDE
Physical ConditioningELE LDE
Physical EducationELE LDE
Physical Education/WellnessELE LDE
Physical FitnessHEA 2020E/Sci
Police SupervisionELE LDE
Practicum in Basic Military Skills/Military ScienceELE LDE
Preventive Maintenance/Vehicle InspectionELE LDE
Principles of SupervisionELE LDE
Public SpeakingCOM 1005E/Comm.
Quality Food Preparation/Culinary ArtsELE LDE
Radio and Telecommunications Transmissions BasicsELE LDE
Record KeepingELE LDE
Records and Information ManagementELE LDE
Safety and Hazardous Material TrainingELE LDE
Safety and Risk ManagementELE LDE
Security OperationsELE LDE
Self-DefenseELE LDE
Small Arms/GunsmithingELE LDE
Small Unit Tactics/Military ScienceELE LDE
Steering and SuspensionELE LDE
Strategic PlanningELE LDE
Structural FirefightingELE LDE
SupervisionELE LDE
Tactical PlanningELE LDE
Technical OrientationELE LDE
Technical Report WritingELE LDE
Theory of Fires and CntrlELE LDE