Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice

Degree Level: Associate | Course Format: Online

The Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice seeks to expand students’ academic and professional development by providing a basic foundation in criminal justice theory and concepts, while developing students’ ability to grasp legal issues, law enforcement objectives, the impact of terrorism, and administrative matters. It is designed for students who wish to develop the skills necessary for a career in law enforcement or criminal justice immediately upon completion of the program.

60 credit hours. All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted.
Term 1
  • COE 1010: Introduction to College Experience
  • BUS 2550: Microcomputer Applications
  • ENG 1010: Expository Writing
  • CJ 1000: Principles of Criminal Justice
  • SCI 1150: Environmental Science
Term 2
  • HIS 2110: History of the United States I
  • HUM 1040: Survey of Literature
  • COM 1000: Communication in the Workplace
  • CJ 1020: Introduction Police Crime Control Strategies
  • REL 1110: Understanding the Old Testament
Term 3
  • CJ 1200: Principles of Corrections
  • CJ 1300: The U.S. Court System
  • CJ 2000: Overview of Criminal Procedure
  • CJ 2100: Principles of Law Enforcement
  • CJ 2200: Drugs in Society
Term 4
  • Concentration Electives (15 credit hours)
Tuition for the Bethel University Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice is $345 per credit hour.

Tuition Includes
  • All course fees
  • All required textbooks and course materials
  • Technology