Associate of Arts in Business: Customer Relationship Management

Degree Level: Associate | Course Format: Online

With the Associate of Arts in Customer Relationship Management program, students learn to enhance an organization’s competitive position by developing and sustaining customer relationships. Students become prepared to immediately enter this dynamic field while also preparing to pursue a four-year bachelor’s degree.

60 credit hours. All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted.
Term 1
  • COE 1005 Online Success in Prof. Studies
  • BUS 2700 Productivity Applications
  • ENG 1011 Composition I
  • OL 1500 Professionalism in the Workplace
  • REL 1020 Introduction to the New Testament
Term 2
  • BUS 1100 Introduction to Management
  • HUM 1040 Survey of Literature
  • SCI 1100 Basics in Environmental Science
  • BUS 1150 Concepts of Business
  • MOD 1500 Introduction to Group Dynamics
Term 3
  • HIS 2000 U.S. History I
  • CRM1200 Introduction to Retailing
  • CRM2000 Introduction to Customer Service
  • CRM2100 Leadership in Customer Service
  • CRM2500 Professionalism in Customer Service
Term 4
  • Social Science
  • Religion
  • ENG 1021 Composition II
  • Concentration Electives (6 credit hours)
Tuition for the 2018-2019 Bethel University Associate of Arts in Business: Customer Relationship Management is $362 per credit hour.

Tuition Includes
  • All course fees
  • All required textbooks and course materials
  • Technology