College Start Online: Criminal Justice

Degree Level: Undergraduate Bachelors | Course Format: Online

Designed especially for criminal justice professionals with little or no previous college credit, the Criminal Justice College Start program focuses on the core courses needed to earn a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Students are introduced to college-level expectations, including academic writing, critical thinking, and time-management skills. Credits can be earned for Academy training and other non-traditional learning gained outside the classroom. Flexible online classes start monthly, and are taught by experts in the industry who care about each student’s success.

College Start CJ
60 Credit Hours. All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted.
Term 1
  • COE 1010: Introduction to College Experience
  • ENG 1009: Intro to University Writing
  • BUS 2550: Microcomputer Applications
  • ENG 1010: English Composition I
  • CJ 1020: Intro to Police Crime Control Strategies
Term 2
  • BIO 1000: Essentials of Biology
  • ENG 1020: English Composition II
  • HEA 2010: Personal Health
  • CJ 1025: Introduction to Deviant Behavior
  • HUM 1030: William Shakespeare
Term 3
  • HIS 2110: History of the United States I
  • REL 1110: Understanding the Old Testament
  • CJ 1030: Introduction to Delinquency in Society
  • SCI 1150: Environmental Science
  • HUM 1040: Survey of Literature
Term 4
  • HIST 2120: History of the United States II
  • REL 1120: Understanding the New Testament
  • CJ 1200: Introduction to Homeland Security
  • MOD 1500: Group Dynamics
  • COM 1000: Communication in the Workplace
Tuition for the 2015-2016 Bethel University College Start Online: Criminal Justice is $345 per credit hour.

Tuition Includes
  • All course fees
  • All required textbooks and course materials
  • Technology