Bachelor of Science in Emergency Services Management

Degree Level: Undergraduate Bachelors | Course Format: Online

Bethel University’s bachelor’s degree in Emergency Services Management prepares you to lead and protect, using efficient and effective best practices from a wide variety of disciplines. Our 100% online coursework allows you to fulfill your professional obligations while earning your degree. Transfer up to 80 hours of prior undergraduate college credits — including up to 30 hours of Academy training and up to 30 hours for your military service — making your journey to graduation even faster. Whether you are interested in law enforcement, emergency management, homeland security, or any other area of public safety, Bethel’s bachelor’s degree in Emergency Services Management means you’re ready for anything.

48 Semester Hours. All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted. Designed for working professionals who have at least 30 hours of previous college credit.
Term 1
  • OL 3050: Introduction to Adult Learning
  • ESM 3000: Survey of Emergency Management
  • ESM 3100: Management of Terrorist Incidents
  • ESM 3200: Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • ESM 3300: Planning for Emergency and Disaster Management
Term 2
  • ESM 3500: Terrorism in the Modern World
  • ESM 3600: Cyber-security
  • ESM 3700: Homeland Security Law and Public Policy
  • ESM 3800: Natural Disaster Planning and Management
  • ESM 3900: Risk Analysis and Threat Assessment
Term 3
  • ESM 4100: Organizational Development in Emergency Management & Homeland Security Organizations
  • ESM 4200: Introduction to Science and Hazards
  • ESM 4300: Management of Human Resources in Public Safety Organizations
  • ESM 4400: Strategic Planning in Public Safety & Emergency Response Organizations
  • ESM 4500: Financial Management of Emergency Response Organizations
Term 4
  • ESM 4600: Leadership in Emergency Management Organizations
  • Electives*
  • *128 credit hours are required to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree. The balance of the credits needed after the major coursework is completed can be fulfilled with electives, previous transferred credit, and other advanced standing credit options. Contact your recruiter or advisor for details.
Tuition for the 2015-2016 Bethel University Bachelor of Science in Emergency Services Management is $345 per credit hour.

Tuition Includes
  • All course fees
  • All required textbooks and course materials
  • Technology