Fire Science Concentration: Online

Degree Level: Undergraduate Bachelors | Course Format: Online

Bethel’s Fire Science Concentration in our Organizational Leadership bachelor’s degree program covers management, business, and leadership topics, as well as fire protection, risk reduction, and fire service administration. This program prepares you to lead and grow in the field of fire protection.

Fire Science Concentration: Online
45 credit hours. All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted.
Term 1
  • OL 3051 Introduction to Adult Online Learning
  • OL 3100 Management
  • OL 3230 Organizational Theory
  • OL 3210 Principles of Managerial Accounting
  • OL 3225 Survey of Marketing
Term 2
  • OL 3390 Organizational Analysis
  • OL 4000 Understanding the Economics of Business
  • OL 4240 Strategic Management
  • OL 4245 Human Resources
  • FS 3307 Community Risk Reduction for the Fire & Emergency Services
Term 3
  • FS 4301 Political and Legal Foundations of Fire Protection
  • FS 4303 Fire and Emergency Services Administration
  • FS 4304 Fire Dynamics
  • 4307 Analytical Approaches to Public Fire Protection
  • FS 4309 Industrial Fire Protection
Term 4
  • *128 credit hours are required to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree. The balance of the credits needed after the major coursework is completed can be fulfilled with electives, previous transferred credit, and other advanced standing credit options. Contact your recruiter or advisor for details.
Tuition for the 2019-20 Bethel University Fire Science Concentration: Online is $373 per credit hour.

Tuition Includes