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Major Coursework in Management & Organizational Development

Degree Level: Undergraduate Bachelors | Course Format: On Campus

Bethel’s Bachelor of Science Degree specializing in Management & Organizational Development (MOD) is for students who have previously earned 30 or more college credits from an accredited institution, and includes coursework on relevant business topics such as organizational management, strategy, marketing, leadership, and human behavior in organizations. Students also gain insight from the real-world experiences of carefully selected facilitators who are either industry leaders or field experts. Open enrollment allows students to enroll any time, study in a classroom setting with other working professionals, and earn a degree in about half the time of traditional programs. Students take one course at a time, one night per week, with each course lasting 5 weeks.

Major Coursework in Management
43 Credit Hours. All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted.
Term 1
  • MOD 300: Orientation to Adult Learning
  • MOD 310: Issues in Management
  • MOD 320: Systems Approach to Organizational Change
  • MOD 340: Leadership
  • MOD 460: Organizational Research Project (optional) (*2 credit hours)
Term 2
  • MOD 350: Human Behavior in Organizations
  • MOD 360: Intro to Research Methods & Analysis Using Statistics
  • MOD 400: Human Resource Management
  • MOD 410: Quantitative Approaches to Managerial Decision-Making
  • MOD 460: Organizational Research Project (optional) (*2 credit hours)
Term 3
  • MOD 420: Issues in Marketing
  • MOD 430: Business, Government, & the International Economy
  • MOD 440: Strategic Planning
  • MOD 450: Ethical & Legal Environment of Modern Organizations
  • MOD 460: Organizational Research Project (optional) (*2 credit hours)
  • COE 401: Career Opportunity Experience (*1 credit hour)
Term 4
Optional -- Courses to take in place of the ORP Project (Select 2)
  • MOD 4800: Business Law
  • MOD 4450: Crisis Management
  • MOD 4550: Business and Society
  • MOD 4350: Selling & Sales Management
Elective Courses
IT Concentration Option
  • OL3360 Management Information Systems
  • IT4475 Management of Telecommunications
  • IT4501 Management of Information Technology
  • IT4511 Enterprise Information Security
  • IT4521 Managing IT Professionals in Dynamic Organizations
  • IT4531 Service Oriented Architecture Concepts
  • IT4541 E-Business & Online Concepts
* All courses offered are in the online format which can be taken in addition to on-campus classes.
Tuition for the 2013-2014 Bethel University Major Coursework in Management & Organizational Development is $345 per credit hour.

Tuition Includes
  • All course fees
  • Technology
  • Textbooks are an additional cost of $97 per course