How do I move, control, and open windows on my Chromebook?

Open a window on your Chromebook screen

  • Click the Chrome icon  from the shelf.
  • If a window is already open, you can open another window by pressing Ctl + N.

Minimize a window

  • You can minimize a window by pressing the minimize button .

Maximize a window

  • You can maximize a window by pressing the maximize button .

View full-screen

  • Press the full screen/F4 key .

Switch between windows

  • Press the window switcher key .

Dock windows

Dock windows for a split-screen effect, windows can be docked to the left or the right

  • Click and hold the maximize button .
  • Drag to the left or tight by pressing the corresponding arrow  or .
    • Keyboard shortcut: to dock left press Alt + [ and to dock right press Alt + ].