How do I open, save, search, or delete files from my Chromebook?

Your Chromebook allows you to use file such as images, media, documents, and PDF documents. These files can be can saved, opened, and deleted from your Chromebook, Google Drive, and even an external hard drive. A complete list of file types, storage drives, and peripherals that are compatible can be found here.

Searching for files

  • You can search for files by clicking the search key (magnifying glass key on keyboard).The search results reflect matches from the folder that you are in.

Opening a file

  • Click the launcher at the bottom left corner (magnifying glass icon)
  • Select Files
  • Using the left menu, you can choose the files yo’d like to view.

Deleting a file or a folder

  • Click the launcherat the bottom left corner (magnifying glass icon).
  • SelectFiles.
  • Click the file or a folder that you want to delete.
  • Click the trashcan icon.

Saving a file

You can save a page you are viewing as a file by using the keyboard shortcut, Ctl + S and then choose the location where you would to save it.

  • If you wan to save a file to your Chromebooks hard drive, you will need to select the downloads folder.
  • If you want to access you file anytime online and from any device, you will need to selectGoogle Drive.

**Please beware that files in your downloads folder will automatically be deleted if your Chromebooks memory is running low.

You may want to setup a default location where your files will automatically be saved. This can be done in just a few steps:

  • Where your account picture appears, click on the status area.
  • Choose Settings and then Show Advanced Settings.
  • From the Downloads section, you can select a default downloads location by clicking Change