My laptop battery no longer charging, what should I do?

What to do if your laptop is plugged in but not charging

  • It may sound silly, but look and make sure that your laptop charger is actually plugged in.
  • Check the power cord. Bend it and flex it while checking it for kinks and breaks.
    • Check the ends of the connection, look for loose plugs.
  • Check the color of the cord for areas that may have been exposed to heat.
  • Check the plastic coating of the cord for tears or rips.
  • Check the power adapter port on your laptop where you plug the adapter in, it shouldn’t be wobbly or loose, and the plug should stay in firmly when inserted.
  • Check the battery physically for damage.
  • Perform a battery test on your laptop.

A non-charging battery can be caused sometimes by an overheating laptop. Does your laptop shut down when it is hot? Your laptop is designed to shut itself down when it overheats to prevent further damage to it’s components. Check the air vents underneath your laptop to ensure they are free from obstructions and clean.

If you find that your power adapter is damaged and unable to charge your battery, you can purchase a replacement online either from the manufacturer or a site like Amazon.