What is POP and how do I use it with email?

Post Office Protocol (POP) is a protocol or language that transfers email from servers and allows it to be accessible using a email client. There are numerous choices of email clients such as Outlook, Apple Mail, and Eudora which use POP to deliver email.

Some of the advantages of using email clients is that your email is stored locally on your devices and available to you offline. This means that you only need to be connected to the internet when trying to send or receive email. Another great advantage of using POP and an email client is that you can view multiple email accounts in one email box at once, consolidating your email can be a time saver if you have multiple email accounts to manage.

You can learn more about the basics of POP here.

Can you POP your Bethel Gmail account to a email client?

Yes, you can pop your email into another email client such as Outlook, Apple Mail, and Eudora!

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