What should I do if my laptop freezes?

If your laptop freezes, dead locks, or stops responding you can follow some basic steps to attempt to unfreeze it.

  • Wait, and give it a little time. Sometimes a computer just needs a few minutes to process the tasks it has been assigned.
  • See if the computer can respond to keyboard strokes: press the caps lockkey to see if the caps lock LED light indicator comes on. If the Caps lock LED light comes on continue to the next step, if not, you will need to reboot the computer.
  • Press the Clt, Alt, and Delete keys to open Windows Task Manager.
  • You will see a menu where you can choose, Start Windows Task Manager.
      • Be patient as it may take a moment for the task manager to open.
      • Once it is open, locate and highlight the program that is not responding, and click

    End Task


Rebooting a dead locked computer

  • Press and hold down the power button until the computer turns off.
  • Wait a few moments for it to power off and then turn the computer back on.