Student Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to the Career Services site?

Your Bethel student email address is your login credential. Click the “Sign in with Google” icon then enter your Bethel student email address and password.

How do students get in contact with Career Services?

You can reach Career Services Monday-Friday 9am-5pm by email or by calling 731-358-9260

Where do I  find job and internship opportunities?

Internships and job opportunities can be found on the Job Listings page. The Internship Opportunities page offers additional resources for internship searches.

Who can use Career Services?

Bethel University students and alumni are welcome to make use of all the Career Services resources.

Where can I find information about career fairs or workshops?

The Events page shows both career fairs and workshops. To learn more about what to expect at career fairs and workshops visit this resource page.

How do I learn about Career Exploration?

Visit the Career Exploration resource page to learn about career occupations.

Employer Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a Employer Login?

You can sign up for an Employer Login here.

How do I add career fairs and other events to the events page?

You can add career fairs and other events from the Event Dashboard.

How do I modify a job listing once its posted?

You can edit, mark a job as filled, duplicate, and delete job postings from the Job Dashboard.