2020 Vision

As a teacher of Orientation classes at Bethel University, I tell my students I know exactly what they’re going through. I was once a student in the Success Program – scared to death about returning to college after an absence of more than 30 years. I was a new student in Bethel’s MBA Program – concerned that I wouldn’t have the time (or the intellect) to make it to the finish line. Having successfully overcome my own concerns, I assure students that it’s natural to be nervous. After all, returning to school takes time, money, focus and sacrifice. It’s a decision that should never be taken lightly.

And now I find myself preparing to undertake yet another degree: a PhD in Social Psychology. Like most brand-new students, I am terrified. The cost of the program is exorbitant. The coursework is intimidating. And the expected time of completion? The frighteningly futuristic year of 2020.

So I’m developing what I call “2020 vision.” Armed with an understanding of the challenges ahead, I am prepared to move forward once again. I know I will hit bumps in the road. I know I will stretch myself in ways that are new and uncomfortable. I know I will learn, not just what I know, but what I don’t know.

But my map is drawn, and my determination is firm. I’ve seen the future with 2020 vision. And as I tell my students, it’s perfectly natural to be scared.


PR Director Cindy Chambers teaches a variety of courses at Bethel University, including Orientation to Online Learning. She was named Online Undergraduate Facilitator of the Year in both 2012 & 2013, and says she is “honored” to accompany new students on the first leg of their academic journey.