Recruiter Support

Jamie - Blog ImageNew Organizational Leadership student Jamie McDonald recently shared some words of praise with his recruiter, Patrick Adams.

“Hey Patrick,

I just submitted my final assignment for the Accelerated Prep Course (two days early). This is going to be fun, man. I just wanted to let you know that the fact that you took time to meet me and sit down and talk with me face-to-face had a lot to do with my decision to go with Bethel. The insight that you were able to give me from the real-life, honest, homegrown-student perspective gave me the confidence to make a go at the online program.

With my career requiring me to travel quite a bit and sometimes keep odd hours, I really don’t think that I could commit to physically attending classes with no interruption. I spent over two full months’ time traveling for a week at a time, spread throughout last year. I have been on the road about a month so far this year. I just spent the week before Orientation in Atlanta at a best- practices sharing conference.

Having this much control and flexibility built into an online learning program is ingeniously tailored for the student/professional. I can log on, pop in my ear buds, and attend my lecture from Dulles airport in D.C. if I want (and I know that I will, without doubt, be in that very situation at some point). Thanks, brother. I hope this feedback is useful to you. I thought that you deserved it.”

Jamie McDonald

Bethel University, Trezevant, TN

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