Student Spotlight: Sara Findley

Sara Findley

After she graduated from high school 15 years ago, Sara Findley realized it was time to return to school. However, going back to school at this point in her life had a different meaning. This time she was motivated to not only advance her career, but to be a role model for her 10-year-old daughter.

We are proud to recognize Sara in our Student Spotlight. Sara is currently enrolled in our Organizational Leadership program with an IT concentration Sara shares some of her thoughts on her educational goals as a student:

“When I first started on my college journey, my only goal was graduation. I did not realize at the time how much the classes and coursework would change my thought processes and critical thinking skills. After seeing the change in myself, I feel that learning and growing with college is almost more important than graduation.

For example, after taking statistics I started questioning and analyzing each statistic that I saw, whether it was in a newspaper or a commercial. I wanted to know where and how they got their data and I did not blindly believe the information put in front of me.  I feel that college builds little things like this to make you a more educated person in all aspects of your life. You are not just earning a degree —  you are learning new ways to think and process.”

We wish Sara the best of luck in her studies and look forward to what she will accomplish as a Bethel student and member of the Clarksville community.