Finding balance is part of life and learning for Dr. Adina Scruggs

As a working parent, I often find myself prioritizing tasks, assignments, and other time demands.   That same organizational skill of time-management is critical to success in Bethel’s MBA program or any educational pursuit. 

No student earns a degree in isolation.  The support system that helps us achieve these educational goals is so important to our success.  Our support system may come in the way of a true friend’s listening ear, in an extra set of hands, or in the camaraderie of fellow students.  As an adult learner myself, I understand the challenge of balancing life’s demands while pursuing educational goals.  Many of the skills we learn in the process are skills that are needed in life, such as: 1.) set small, achievable goals, 2.) build and use a support system, and 3.) keep focused on the end result.

The business discipline of marketing is especially fascinating because it utilizes human behavior and communication strategies —  both applicable to everyday life.  Students can learn to be better consumers, while learning how to more effectively communicate their intended message. As in the subject of marketing, firms need to know and maintain their competitive advantage – the unique product or service that they provide.  As individuals, we are all created us with unique skills and talents.  Understanding our own strengths and weaknesses will teach us to ask for help when needed and achieve our goals, educationally and professionally.


Dr. Adina Scruggs teaches Marketing in the MBA program at Bethel University.  She enjoys helping students learn to balance the demands of graduate school, while learning valuable life lessons from Marketing.