The Adult Learner as a Key Component to a Successful Organization

Dr. Deming Photo 20 Jun 14

For those of us who finished or even started our formal higher education as experienced adults, it is often easy to forget our accomplishments and potential. Organizations are always looking for “good people”! It is human nature to want to hire and/or promote folks we are associated with or are referred to us by friends or colleagues. But, for us to take advantage of this potential pool of candidates, individuals have to be prepared when the opportunity arises.

In several of my courses, I teach that your career will often be shaped by an unexpected opportunity, but you can only take advantage of it if you have prepared! This is a multi-faceted challenge starting with our work experiences — we must continually strive to enhance our skills and qualifications. For example, voluntarily taking a certification course or volunteering for a special project for the betterment of the organization and exposure to management may seem like a small step, but it can reap big rewards.

The next challenge is to further your formal education by earning your master’s degree. Many top-tier universities offer high-quality online degrees, and we are no exception. The stigma of years past concerning online degrees has quickly diminished. This allows working adults the ability to manage their time and earn a quality degree in their chosen field of study.

The moral of this story is to be prepared for that unexpected opportunity that comes your way, and create your own “opportunities” every day!


Professor of Business & CIS Dr. Ron Deming has over 35 years of experience in mid-level and senior executive positions both in general management, higher education and information- technology positions. He uses this broad experience base to help guide students through courses from a real-world experience perspective.